Roulette Chemical Engine Co. #1 Finds an Affordable Apparatus with all the Right Features

The Roulette Chemical Engine Co. #1 located in Potter County, PA, recently purchased a 2014 Pierce Custom Pumper from Command Fire.

The department’s recent purchase saved them money and still allowed them to get all the features they wanted such as a large cab and an adequate pump to assist them on the calls that they go on.

Fire Chief Justin Fillhart started looking at Command’s inventory in 2017 and waited until he saw the perfect pumper.

“We were looking for another Pierce to match out other truck,” Fillhart said. He went down to view the pumper, which was located in New Jersey and through negotiations with Glenn, Fillhart was easily able to get the pumper.  

“It was an easy purchasing process and the truck is doing excellent,” Fillhart said. The pumper has since been serving the needs of the department and has held up well in structural fires.

“Command Fire Apparatus was great to work with. We would definitely do business with them again,” Fillhart said.

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