Phelps FD Finds the Perfect Pumper for Their Department


To maintain the department’s standards, the Phelps Fire Department in Phelps, NY, replaces its trucks every 20 years or so. Their most recent truck replacement was a 2008 Pierce 1500/750 Rescue Pumper purchased from Command Fire Apparatus in late April.

Brandon DeBaere, a lieutenant of the department, said they started the process of searching for a new pumper over a year ago. DeBaere followed Command Fire on Facebook and kept checking until he came across a pumper that was perfect for his department.

The 2008 Pierce that Phelps FD ended up purchasing fit all of their requirements and was in good condition, DeBaere said.

“The whole process took minimal time,” DeBaere said. Their new pumper has gone on calls for a few accidents and vehicle fires. It has handled all of those calls well.

“Everyone in the department and community have given positive feedback about the pumper,” DeBaere said. “We are pleased with our purchase.”

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