The Lewisport (KY) Volunteer Fire Department required a third pumper to meet the community’s diverse needs. The membership knew they would have to purchase a used pumper, as they had done in the past. They set aside money and planned on taking a low-interest loan from the League of Cities but couldn’t find what they wanted locally.

Chief Troy Roberts had heard about Command Fire Apparatus, so he started looking at their website, subscribed to their newsletter then liked their Facebook page. Soon, he saw just what he wanted; a 1996 KME 1250/1000 Rural Pumper.

“I saw it online on a Friday and went to see it in person the following Monday,” Roberts recalled. “I took pictures of the pumper, talked with the people at Command Fire Apparatus and returned to Lewisport feeling really good about it. Everyone loved it so we ordered it.”

In a little over a week, the pumper was delivered and ready to run calls. “We’ve used it for training, fires and medical calls,” Roberts said. “It’s a great pumper.”

It’s not just the vehicle that has everyone at Lewisport pleased. According to Roberts, the customer service has been excellent.

“They worked with us to get everything we needed. Their interaction with us has been phenomenal. We would definitely recommend working with Command Fire Apparatus to get the right vehicle for your department.”