Knox Creek Fire Department recently purchased a 1992 International Medium Duty Rescue to consolidate all of their essential rescue equipment.

“All of our rescue equipment was split up between two trucks and we wanted to combine it into one truck,” Assistant Chief Zachary Dotson said.

Dotson started an online search to look for a truck that met these needs and that is how he came across Command. Fire Apparatus.

“When I spoke to the sales team, they understood what we were looking for. They had a truck that met all of our needs and had everything we wanted at a fair price.”

Knox Creek FD shortly after acquired the truck and got it delivered to their station in Hurley, VA. They serve just over 2,000 people and go on about 120 calls a year.

The truck has gone on several calls, including structural fires, since it was put in service and it has done performed well on those calls.

“It’s the perfect size for our department. We have very narrow roads and we haven’t had any issues maneuvering anywhere. It’s done a great job in our area.”

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