Featured Delivery: Hitchcock Fire Department – Oklahoma


In rural Oklahoma, Hitchcock Fire Department recently purchased a 2001 KME 1250/1000 Top Mount Pumper from Command Fire Apparatus.

Hitchcock has only 14 members who are all volunteers and Perry Scheffler, the fire chief, wanted a truck to accommodate everyone’s needs. They were looking for a pumper with a large cab and a 1000 gallon tank. The pumper that they purchased fulfilled these requirements because it had 1000 gallon poly booster tank and 8 person cab with 7 SCBA seats.

“They were very quick to reply back,” Scheffler said. Scheffler found the pumper shortly after coming across Command online. “They were very open in sending me additional photos and specs.”

Since arriving at the Hitchcock Fire Department, the 2001 KME pumper has been showcased during parades for the community to see. The members of the community and fire department have given positive feedback about the pumper.

“It was an awesome truck for our small department,” Scheffler said. “It came at a busy farming season.”

Before the sale…


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