Featured Delivery: Harwood Fire & Rescue

“This was the first experience we had with Command Fire Apparatus, and they not only lived up to but surpassed our expectations.”

Harwood Fire & Rescue is an all-volunteer fire and EMS department located in Harwood, North Dakota whose service dates to 1983. The small band of volunteers recently made a new addition to their fleet with the purchase of a new pumper tanker this fall.

The members went to Command Fire Apparatus for their purchase and selected a 2000 HME/Central States pumper tanker. “We worked with Jared and his crew at Command Fire Apparatus with the purchase of a 2000 HME Tanker pumper in the fall of 2021. This was the first experience we had with Command Fire Apparatus, and they not only lived up to but surpassed our expectations. I was pleased with the level of communication and the timeliness of getting back to us on decisions when coming to terms and requests that we made for this truck,” said Harwood Fire & Rescue Assistant Chief and President Brian Giere.

“The level of inspection they put this truck though and the details that they put into making sure this truck was exactly what we thought we were getting was very commendable,” add Assistant Chief Gere. “I would not hesitate to work with them again in the future. It was a very good experience from the beginning to the end.”

The 2000 HME/Central States top-mount custom pumper/tanker, with only 23,000 miles, 1600 engine hours and 38.5 pump hours, features a 6-man raised roof cab with 5 SCBA seats. The pumper is powered by a Cummins ISC 350 HP diesel engine with an Allison MD-3066P automatic transmission. Additional features include On-spot automatic snow chains; fender storage for four SCBA cylinders; 24′ extension, 14′ roof, and 10′ folding ladders; 12V scene lights; a 10KW hydraulic generator; a 100′ cord reel; 240V scene lights; an onboard charger and air pump; and emergency lighting, electronic siren, Federal Q2B siren, and air horns

For fire attack the pumper is equipped with a Waterous 1,750 GPM two-stage top-mount pump, an 1,800-gallon fiberglass water tank, and a 20-gallon foam tank. Quick dump-shoots on three sides, and an extended front bumper with hose trays and a 6″ front intake with 90-degree swivel. The hosebeds and pump panel include two 1-1/2″ crosslays, two 2-1/2″ side discharges, two 3″ rear discharges, two 4″ side discharges, two 6″ side intakes, two 3″ rear intakes, a 2,100-gallon portable tank, 1000′ 5″ supply hose, three 12′ sections of 6″ hard sleeve, and three strainers.

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