Footedale VFD Finds the Perfect Pumper


After over a year and a half of searching for the perfect apparatus, the Footedale Volunteer Fire Department found one from Command Fire. A 1997 HME 1250/850 Rescue Pumper was delivered to the Footedale VFD in New Salem, Pennsylvania in late March.

Robert Kelley from Footedale VFD said it was hard for him to find a truck that would fit all their requirements and so he emailed everyone who he knew that would be able to give him recommendations and that is how he came across Command Fire.

A member from neighboring department in the same township had been following Command Fire on Facebook. Kelley followed Command as well in hopes of finding a potential truck and shortly after he found the 1997 HME.

The 1997 HME was purchased to replace their old truck that only had a cab that could fit two people which wasn’t an optimal size for the department with 20 active members.

Although, the truck fulfilled all of the department’s requirements, Kelley said they also purchased from Command because of the customer service they received. “Glenn was very responsive and patient.”

It only took a month from Kelley’s first contact with Command to the date of the truck to be delivered. Footedale knew that they wanted the truck and were able to get it in a short amount of time.

“It was exactly what we wanted,” Kelley said. Kelley went with other members up to the Command Fire base to test out the truck and the truck met all of their expectations.

Since receiving the truck, it has been to local parades and has won two awards. It would be an understatement to say that the new truck has been well received by the community and department.

Other neighboring departments have also complimented Footedale on their new unit.

It was hard for Kelley to find the perfect truck for a long time but luckily, Command had the perfect pumper for Footedale Volunteer Fire Department.

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