“I can not say enough about the customer service we received” – Laramie County Fire District 4

In Scott Maddison’s two and a half years as fire chief, his department,, has spent the past nine months looking for a new fire apparatus. They needed a small rural pumper to replace their older one that was difficult to use. The department purchased 1991 International KME 1250/1000 pumper from Command Fire Apparatus in July of 2018.

Maddison found out about Command Fire through a google search and found two apparatuses that fit his department’s requirements. Command Fire Apparatus was not the only company that Maddison reached out to but Command was the only company to respond, which happened only a few hours after. It wasn’t long until Maddison received a call from Chief Glenn Usdin.

“He didn’t try to oversell us,” Maddison said about discussing the two apparatuses he was considering, “He knew what I needed and worked well with me.” Glenn suggested the right unit as it fit all of the department’s needs.

“It was a very pleasant experience and everything went great,” Maddison said. After the initial phone call, Maddison was sent extra photos and videos of the pumpers that were not posted on Command’s website along with extra documentation about the pumper’s history.

Since Command Fire was so thorough with the information they gave Maddison, he was well prepared in passing along the information to his local government board who quickly decided on purchasing the pumper.

The entire process of purchasing the 1991 International KME only took about 20 days. It was a quick turnaround time, Maddison said.

Laramie County received the pumper in late and the station that uses the pumper has loved the new truck. It has been easy to use for the members and is all that the department wanted.

“We would be more than willing to put in good words for Glenn and all his terrific staff at Command Fire Apparatus. I can not say enough about the customer service we received.”

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