“The process was great from start to finish,” –Office of Emergency Management – Manville, NJ

At the Office of Emergency Management in Manville, NJ, a new command vehicle was needed for their daily needs. Director John Bentz started looking for a vehicle in Summer of 2018. It didn’t take long for Bentz to come across Command Fire.

“The 2010 Ford 4×4 Command Vehicle just caught my eye,” Bentz said. He decided to contact Glenn then make a time to drive out and see the vehicle. After driving it and liking the vehicle so much, he shared all the information he learned about the vehicle with the other members of the office.

A pre-owned vehicle fit their budget a lot better than a new vehicle. If he had purchased a new vehicle, he would have needed to add all of the features to make it right for his office but Command Fire Apparatus had a vehicle that had all of the features they were looking for.

“The process was great from start to finish,” Bentz said.

“They [Command Fire Apparatus] delivered it to us and did some lettering on it for us. They did a thorough pre maintenance for it.”

One of the things that really appealed to Bentz about Command Fire is the warranty that comes with the vehicle. It really ensured Bentz of the quality of the vehicle.

“It’s running great and I use it every day pretty much,” Bentz said.

“If anyone was looking to own a pre-owned fire apparatus or command vehicle, I definitely would send them to Glenn.”

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