Featured Delivery: Cardington Fire Company No. 1


The Cardington Fire Company No. 1 has been led by Fire Chief Tom Janson for the past 15 years. After a year of searching for a new apparatus, he found a 2001 Kenworth/Pierce Rescue from Command Fire Apparatus that was perfect for their department.

Janson wanted to replace his department’s two-door utility air truck. They were looking for a new truck to provide them space to fit more members and more equipment.

Through Facebook, Janson came across Command Fire. Janson had been searching through other companies and had around 5 trucks he was looking at but once he saw the truck from Command he knew he had found the right one for them.

“It was a quick turnaround from purchase to doorstep,” Chief Janson said. The whole customer service process was very easy which made negotiations uncomplicated. “Glenn was very accommodating.”

Janson appreciated how quickly and efficiently Command Fire took care of any issue that they had.

The truck went into service in early August 2018 and has gone on public displays. The department has received very positive reactions from the community, other departments in the town and even the mayor’s office.

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