The Latrobe Freewill Hose Company 3 & 4 of Latrobe, Pennsylvania was in search of a new unit last year. When the unit they had initially looked at was sold, they turned to Command Fire Apparatus.

“We completely stand behind purchasing our 2001 Seagrave Pumper from Command Fire. Working with Glenn couldn’t have gone better,” said Captain Mike Skapura. “The company was extremely attentive to our needs when we found bits and pieces that we were displeased with,” continued Skapura.

Though the unit came with a handful of problems, the department took advantage of the 90 day warranty.

“The few problems we encountered with our Seagrave were handled with a high sense of efficiency,” expressed Captain Skapura. “We know that if and when we need a new unit, Command Fire Apparatus is where we’ll be purchasing from.”


Before the Sale..